Are you Ram Ready?

Orientation is required for first-year, transfer, adult learners and international students, as well as students returning to VCU after being away for more than two years. Family members and supporters are welcome and encouraged to participate. Think of it as your formal introduction to VCU. 

Registration for VCU Orientation is now open for students admitted for Fall 2024. Please review the accepted student checklists and complete other items on the list to ensure you are prepared to register for Orientation.

Read more below about what to expect at your Orientation.

VCU Orientation

Orientation is your official welcome to VCU and will prepare you for your first semester. VCU offers a variety of Orientation programs based on your experience, so whether this is your first time at college, you are transferring from another school or you are returning after some time off, you can find the Orientation experience that works for you.

I am a...

First-year student

A first-year student is any student attending college for the first time (not including dual-enrollment taken in high school), typically straight from high school or after a short time away from school. Orientation for first-year students offers an immersive experience for students to learn about life at VCU, understand academic requirements, learn about campus resources and connect with VCU students, faculty and staff. Our program also includes an overnight stay on VCU's campus.

Learn more about Orientation for first-year students.

Transfer student, adult learner or readmitted student

VCU offers several Orientation program options for transfer students, adult learners and non-traditional students and readmitted students. Orientation is a vital step in your success at VCU.

Transfer students are those that have attended at least one semester at another college or university and are transferring credits to VCU. Adult learners and non-traditional students include students age 25 or older or students who are married/widowed/divorced, have children/dependents or who are military-affiliated (veteran/active duty/reservists). 

Readmitted students are those returning to VCU after three consecutive semesters away.

Learn more about Orientation for transfer students, adult learners and readmitted students.

Parent, family member or supporter

Family members and supporters of new first-year and transfer students are strongly encouraged to participate in Orientation with your student. Families and supporters who register for Orientation can attend the event with their student, gain access to online resources and get connected with the VCU community through our Ram Families listserv.

Learn more about Orientation for families and supporters.