Family members and supporters of new first-year and transfer students are strongly encouraged to participate in Orientation. As important partners in your student’s success, we have designed Orientation programs just for you that will happen in tandem with the student Orientation experience.

What's included in Family and Supporter Orientation

Spring Orientation information and fees

Summer & Fall Orientation information

Families and supporters are invited to join their students for their Orientation sessions. Select the appropriate program below to learn more about Orientation for new VCU families and supporters. We are thrilled to welcome you to the VCU RAMily!

Summer & Fall fees by program

Ram Ready Orientation Modules for families and supporters

Ram Ready Orientation Modules for families and supporters will share information about academic programs, student life, safety and wellness, and opportunities for your involvement in the VCU community. You will have access to the same content your students will see in their program, and you will see bonus content tailored just for families and supporters. 

To complete Ram Ready, select "Guest" then create an account under "First Time Here." Select the "Parent/Family" option under Account Type. You will see the same content your student sees plus bonus content for families.

Ram Family Update mailing list

Upon registering for Orientation, your student can add your contact information to be included on the Ram Family Update mailing list. Families and supporters on this list receive important monthly updates about what's going on at VCU and any relevant announcements that are communicated to your student. Additionally, you will receive invitations to both virtual and in-person events sponsored by VCU Families and VCU Family Council, a group of families selected to serve families and connect them to VCU.