A first-year student is any student attending college for the first time (not including dual-enrollment taken in high school). Orientation offers an immersive experience for students to learn about life at VCU, understand academic requirements, campus resources and to connect with VCU students, faculty and staff.

If you haven’t already, please review the First-Year Student Checklist for more details on the need-to-know information to prepare for Orientation and your first semester at VCU!

Advising and course placement

Advising and registration takes place in tandem with your Orientation session. Advising and registration varies by your student type (first-year or transfer) and your academic college/unit. Expand the options for more details based on your student type and the semester you are enrolling.

For more information on general Academic Advising, visit VCU Advising.

Course Placement Options:

VCU determines your entry-level math, chemistry and foreign language courses based on your academic background and course placementAll first-year students are required to complete Math placement, and may also need to complete others based on your major. Transfer students are encouraged to complete the math placement if they will not be transferring a college level algebra class or higher. Review the information below for more details.